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The Bathroom Renovation Guide: Order of Work, Costs & Other Considerations

Renovating a bathroom can often seem daunting. But when you take a good look at all the different elements that go into a renovation, the process looks a lot more manageable.

We know it’s a big task, so we’ve broken down bathroom renovations into five key steps to consider before taking on the transformation.

Taking a step by step look at a suggested bathroom renovation order of work, we’ll also answer some of the most common questions we hear, like how much a bathroom renovation should cost and how long it will take.

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How to renovate a bathroom: order of work

Whether you choose to renovate your bathroom yourself or call in the experts, there are five key steps you need to consider:

> Assessing your requirements

> Setting a budget

> Choosing the perfect design

> Removing your old bathroom

> Installing your new bathroom

Step 1 – Assessing your bathroom requirements

Take a good long look at your bathroom, evaluate how you use it and what you’d like to improve.

If you don’t use the bath often, or if you don’t have children using the bathroom, it may be better suited for you to transform your bathing area into a walk-in shower.

Although it’s not all about functionality - if you have a large bathroom with unused space, you may want to add a free-standing bath to create a fantastic statement piece.

There are hundreds of great adaptations you can make to your bathroom. To avoid getting lost in bathroom renovation ideas, note down your bathroom essentials - what you definitely can’t do without. This will also help you to set a practical budget.

Step 2 – Setting a budget

Once you’ve decided on your bathroom necessities, it is time to decide how much you wish to spend on your bathroom upgrade. You’ll need to consider the following costs:

> Sanitary ware and fitted furniture

> Wall and floor coverings

> Lighting and ventilation

> Labor rates (fitters, plumbers, electricians and decorators)

Be realistic: the cost of fixtures and fittings can vary widely depending on the quality and type of goods you choose.

The labor costs will also vary depending on your bathroom size and the plumbing and electrical work you require.

Set a budget with a little flexibility until you’ve chosen your bathroom renovation design and fittings.

Step 3 - Choosing your design

The next step in the bathroom renovation order of work is selecting your bathroom design through your choice of finishing touches that cover:

> Color scheme

> Sanitary ware

> Wall and floor coverings

> Lighting

> Fitted furniture

> Heating and ventilation


Bathroom Remodeling - All You Need

If you've lived in Kentucky for a long time, the odds are that your bathroom fixtures are old and built of materials that aren't suitable for living with. With time, a great deal of progress in technology has improved matters. However, remodeling your bathroom does not appear to be a terrible idea. We all want a bathroom that is both efficient and environmentally friendly, but the cost of remodeling always concerns us. However, with Alzaria Constructions, you can easily renovate your bathroom without worrying about the cost. The high-quality bathroom remodeling services provided by the experts here provide value to your offered money and makes sure to tinge your bathroom with a beautiful look while keeping in mind the adequate quality of the stuff that is being used. Your satisfaction is always prioritized at Alzaria Construction!